A Practical USAGE OF Open Resource Code Softwares

Once we started the task of our electronic public sale, we knew the proprietary software program costs will be too much for our money. Our only choice then was to utilize Open Resource Code softwares.

However, in the Open up Source Code there are several softwares to select from, and its own up to the machine analyst/programmer to choose those that best match the project goals.

Inside our case, we selected Linux as our operating-system. However we confronted a huge query: Which Linux distribution ? You can find a large number of linux distributions, each one with particular advantages, occasionally with or without paid solutions.

We chose linux Slackware because we thought that it could match better our requirements, dependability and with regards to balance. Slackware is definitely a traditional distribution, and therefore it only gives in its distribution bundle kernel variations and alternative party libraries, once its been became steady and reliable. Because of this, Slackware is usually one probably the most steady Linux operating-system available on the market. If an individual wishes the newest Linux kernel and libraries, we recommend to consider a different distribution.

Another reason behind us finding Slackware, was due to its text interface, which at the start may become a little difficult, over time nonetheless it offers an improved knowledge of the Linux environment. In this manner the majority of Slackware configurations are carried out thru text message scripts.

Once it had been set the operating-system, we picked Apache as our internet server. Apache is among the most popular internet server in the web. For server program writing language, we selected PHP. Also, an extremely popular program writing language. Our encounter with Apache/PHP shows that this set up is very dependable, working very well in our creation environment. For workstation program writing language, we selected javascript, which besides of experiencing a straightforward syntax, it includes lots of assets.

Apache internet server is often a complete internet server. Also, it could become highly complex with many construction setups.

For our database, we picked Postgresql. This data source has been distributed around the general public for a lot more than 15 years, and besides to be well debugged, it includes a lot of resources it has become one of the better database choices from Open Resource Code softwares. Extremely dependable, Postgresql offers reported instances where there were databases in creation with over 4 terabytes. Besides all that, Postresql isn’t typically the most popular Open Resource Code data source. A matter of advertising ? Probably.

For the program writing language PHP, we’d to make use of an object oriented software structure. There are numerous PHP application constructions on offer with Open Resource Code permit. Object oriented software is vital, since it makes encoding super easy and scalable until where the program may develop without many complications. Also, it can help to maintain PHP code separated from HTML, by using some particular libraries, such as for example Smarty. We utilize Smarty collection and we think that it really is an essential resource, that may even make webpages faster thru the usage of its cache features.

Also an essential group of libraries worth mentioning for PHP systems, may be the PEAR libraries. In PEAR internet site, among the countless libraries on offer, there will be the data source interface DB as well as the Email_QUEUE, which transmits emails thru the usage of data source.

As we found the finish of our internet site project, we’d to use some kind of real-time data source replication. For that people find the DRBD and Heartbeat libraries. The usage of database replication is vital and should not really be postponed. Soon after 3 months our bodies got into creation, our server hard disk drive became poor. Thru the usage of DRBD/Heartbeat we could actually put the machine back into creation within minutes, without loosing any data. DRBD/Heartbeat replication is performed thru the usage of a lan network between your server and slave nodes.

Our task also employs ImageMagick (enlarge and reduce pictures), Iptables (firewall), Tsearch2(text message search in portgresql) and Mon (linux monitoring jobs).

Also an essential library worth mentioning may be the pseudo APC compiler for PHP. Velocity is always a crucial factor for web sites.

Our internet site has already been in creation and based on our experience we are able to say that the Open up Resource Code softwares we picked, became extremely reliable and steady. Open Resource Code softwares could possibly be an excellent choice for developing internet sites.

Roberto Sedycias
IT Consultant

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